Hire Terms and Conditions

Hire Terms and


Hiree: Any person or company hiring the product

Owner: Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd.

Plant: Any items owned by Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd that are offered to hire out. These include but are not limited to; temporary fencing, portable toilets, crowd control barriers, temporary pool fencing, power poles, rubbish cages, timber crossing protection.


  1. The hiree acknowledges that they are not relying on any representation made by Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd ACN 125 589 237 ABN 32 125 589 237 in respect of the performance of the plant.

  2. Payment is strictly cash on delivery. Payment method to be agreed at time of quote acceptance.

  3. The plant is to remain at the site nominated on the agreement and not transferred to any other site.

  4. The hiree takes all responsibility for any damage to the plant or any other property, harm or death to any person during the period of the hire. The hiree shall indemnify Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd from any claims from the hiree or any third person.

  5. No other advertising material or other materials such as shade cloth shall be attached to the fencing panels without the approval of Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd.

  6. The hiree may either do self installation (see Work Method Statement below) or engage Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd as an agent of the hiree to erect the temporary fencing. The hiree shall have a representative on site to direct plant location and confirm the quantity of panels delivered. If a hiree representative is not available verbal directions or a plan of the site with the fencing location shall made available to Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd. All underground services located within the line of proposed fencing or power pole location shall be advised to Arrow Temporary fencing Pty Ltd. A hiree representative shall be available on collection to confirm quantities and agree on any damaged to the plant. If a representative can not be present, the hiree agrees to accept the quantity and condition stated by Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd.

    Where temporary pool fencing has been hired and Arrow Temporary Fencing has been engaged as an agent to install the fencing, it is the responsibility of the hiree to have the fencing checked for safety by the appropriate authority prior to any water being filled into the pool.

    The fees charged by Arrow Temporary Fencing to act as an agent to erect the temporary fencing are included in the rates of hire, unless stated separately.

  7. If the hiree wants to relocate or dismantle any portion of fencing, they do so at their own risk. Correct man handling techniques recommended by Worksafe shall always be employed to reduce the risk of personal injury.

  8. No allowance has been made for traffic control within the agreed fees

  9. The agreement is based on the expectation that the delivery truck can access the site to allow the plant to be unloaded and collected at their place of installation. If manhandling of the plant is required to carry any plant to their final location a record of the additional time will be kept and charged at an additional fee of $50 per hour per person.

  10. The hire is for the period stated in the agreement. Any extension to the hire period of fencing will be subject to additional costs based on a month per month basis. (Minimum one month extension).  Toilet hire is based on a week by week basis. It is the responsibility of the hiree to advise the owner and ‘offhire’ the plant.

    The agreement only allows for one pick up date. Split pick ups will be subject to additional fees

  11. The hiree must ensure the plant is maintained in good order and prevent any damage during the hire period. Any damage apart from normal wear and tear will be liable for payment of additional fees. The hiree accepts that any damage or missing/stolen plant shall be subject to additional replacement fees payable to Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd. Any missing or damaged plant shall remain the property of Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd. The hiree agrees to fully reimburse Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd for any stolen or damaged plant at set rates stated by Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd.

    Where an Accidental Damage Waiver (ADW) (Fence hire ONLY) has been charged and paid by the hiree, Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd agrees to waive its right to charge for the first $1000 only of damage caused by exceptional weather or collision, if the hiree complies to the following:

    – Damage is not due to negligent use including, but not limited to; stockpiling materials against fencing or driving plant over fencing

  12. Any persons/company found with plant stolen from Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd. will be prosecuted.

  13. The hire contract shall be terminated by Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd and recoup all monies owed at any time during the hire period if:
    • The hiree breached any condition of the contract
    • The hiree fails to make payment of monies owed
    • The hiree becomes bankrupt, or intends to wind up their company
    • The hiree puts the rights of Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd. plant at risk

  14. If any plant falls over due to acts of nature (acts of GOD) or by vandalism, then the hiree can either reinstate the plant or engage Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd as agent to reinstate the plant. A fee to reinstate the plant shall be charged based on time/cost.

  15. If the hiree has more than one contract on different sites with Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd, any breach on any one contract as detailed in clause (l) entitles Arrow Temporary Fencing to remove all or any Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd fencing/toilets on any other site the hiree may also have other hire contracts on.

  16. The terms and conditions of Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd abide for the full time the plant is out on hire, including if the rental hire is extended, or if the hire period has expired, but the fencing has yet to be picked up by Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd.

  17. If a contract is terminated, Arrow Temporary Fencing is allowed without prejudice to enter the work site where the fencing/toilet is located to recover the fencing. The hiree indemnifies Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd for any claims or damages in recovering the fencing.

  18. Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd will have a suitably qualified electrician complete the initial safety inspection once the pole has been installed and prior to the live connection. All other monthly inspections are the responsibility of the hiree. Power poles that require an underground connection will be subject to additional fees based on the length of trenching required from the pit to the pole. If rock is encountered during the drilling of the hole for the pole, then the drilling will be abandoned and the hiree advised. It will be the responsibility of the hiree to arrange for a hole to be drilled to the required depth  prior to Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd returning to install the power pole. Re-establishment fees may apply. All inspection and authority fees will be passed directly onto the hiree with no on charge.


Location of Fencing  – The Hiree/Principal Contractor to carry out a risk assessment of the site, and provide a plan or direct instructions on location of fencing including any underground services. Fencing to be installed as per installation guide below..

Windy Conditions – Principal Contractor not to allow any material including shade cloth, plastic sheeting, signage or similar to beplaced on the fencing without written approval from Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd.

Self Installation by Hiree –  If the Hiree does not engage Arrow Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd as an agent to install the temporary fencing and choose to self install, they must follow installation guidelines below

Trip Hazards – The Hiree/Principal Contractor to evaluate fencing location for potential trip hazards and install additional safety controls as necessary such as signage, safety cones etc

Monitoring –  The Hiree/Principal Contractor to undertake regular monitoring to ensure fencing is maintained in a safe and secure manner. Any defects noticed to be rectified immediately or advised to Arrow Temporary Fencing who shall be engaged to rectify.


  1. ALWAYS ENSURE A SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT IS DONE FOR EACH SITE PRIOR TO ANY WORKS COMMENCING. The Safety Risk Assessment shall include but not be limited to: Vehicular and pedestrian traffic on or adjacent site; Location of underground and overhead services; Natural Risks such as snakes, spiders or dogs; Working outdoors (sun protection); PPE (high vest clothing, boots and gloves)

  2. Position the plastic/concrete feet on the proposed fencing line using a spacing gauge (piece of timber cut to size) The feet are relatively heavy (38kg) and should be lifted from the indented handles utilizing correct man handling techniques, These techniques include lifting using the legs and keeping your back vertical, Whenever possible, all lifting shall be undertaken by two people. And transporting feet shall be done using trolleys or other mechanical means.

  3. Fence panels are then slotted vertically into the support holes located in the centre of the plastic feet.

  4. The fencing panels are then clamped approximately 150mm from the top of the posts, using a crescent or similar.

  5. Stabilising poles can be clamped to the panel posts, raking off to additional plastic feet if additional lateral support is required.

  6. If staking or pinning of the fencing panels is required, then the site will need to be checked for any existing underground services (Dial before you dig). If underground services are identified, no pinning or staking shall be used.

  7. Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn, including safety boots, and gloves as a minimum, always contact the Principal Contractor to be inducted onto the site before starting any works.