Need To Assess Crowd Control Barriers For Outdoor Events?

July 7th, 2016 by arrowadmin

Are you planning an event that will require you to control a large crowd? The first thing you should have is a venue that will comfortably accommodate a huge crowd. The next thing to have in mind is having temporary barriers around the venue to control the crowd and to keep the traffic in and out of the arena in check. Places that provide crowd control barrier hire in Melbourne can offer some comfort knowing that your event is to a large extent restrictive to unnecessary movement.

The following are criteria an event planner can use to evaluate for the best crowd control barriers before hiring them. Companies who hire out crowd control barriers can give the best advice on the type of barriers to go with depending on the event and location.


A good crowd control barrier should be safe and secure. The reason behind getting a barrier is to ensure that a crowd is kept in check. There is no way to tell what can happen when there is a huge gathering of people. There have been instances where crowds get out of control and if barriers are not safe it may lead to injuries. A good barrier should not have sharp edges which can lead to cuts and bruises if a crowd pushes against it. They should be well secured in the ground and not easily knocked over in the case of push and shove from the crowd.


Crowd control barriers should be durable. They should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and still maintain a decent look. Barriers made from stainless steel tend to last longer than wooden barriers. They are strong and they are not susceptible to wear and tear. For an event that is meant to last for days, barriers made from stainless steel can be left in place without the fear of being affected by weather elements. This saves an event planner the hustle of having to move the barriers at the end of a day’s event.



Crowd control barriers for hire should be easy to move around and easy to install. An event planner should get barriers that will work best for his venue. They should be flexible enough to be arranged in a format that will ensure maximum control to a crowd. In case of a large venue, they should be able to guide the crowd to a specific area and also have allowances for allowing the crowd to move from one area to another without having to go long ways around.


A crowd barrier is not meant to make the crowd feel as if they are being caged in. A barrier should be comfortable enough to make people lean on it when they feel like it. They should be designed in a way that makes them not feel so formal. They should also give out the feeling that they are there only to guide the crowd and not shut them off. This gives an event a relaxing mood and the crowd is able to enjoy more.


A crowd control barrier is not just limited to controlling the crowd movement in an arena. An event planner can also use a barrier to post banners round it to advertise his logo. The banners can also be placed strategically around the barrier to convey a message to the crowd as the event continues. An event planner needs to get the right licenses from the authorities before posting his banners on the barriers.


When hiring crowd control barriers, an event planner should look at the factor that it should be easy to maintain. They should be made of materials that are easy to clean and in the case of damage, they are easily repairable or inexpensive to replace.

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