Which type of Temporary Fence is best for Construction Sites?

When it comes to construction sites, choosing a temporary rental fence will depend on a number of factors. It mostly depends on the type of work being done. Other determinants include the locality of the job, and the local regulations governing the use of temporary fence for construction sites. Construction work done in residential areas is very different from that done in commercial sites. As a result, the best temporary fence for different construction sites will vary.
There are different types of temporary fences for construction sites. As noted above, the type of fence used will vary from sites. Below are the common types of temporary fences used in construction sites today.
Barricade fences
Temporary Construction Fence Hire
Barricades are a very common type of temporary rental fences in use today. While they can be used at major events such as carnivals, festivals and parades, barricades are also used to block vehicles from entering constructions. This saves property owners from vandalism and theft on their sites.
Most barricade temporary rental fences are made of very strong and durable material making them an effective barrier against vehicles. They also go a long way in protecting construction workers from possible accidents as a result of vehicles entering the site. They come in handy in busy areas where traffic poses a serious danger to workers, civilians and the construction work.
They are often along with other types of temporary fences to offer varying types of protection to the construction site.
Chain link panes
This is another common type of temporary fence used in construction sites of different types including residential, commercial and industrial. As a result, choosing this type of fence for your site is a safe bet. It is an easy and quick option that can also be used for crowd control and as additional security in commercial outlets.

As the name suggests, this is basically a panel made out of chain link. Given that they are panels, they can be installed in various configurations depending on one’s needs. Installation is done using free standing platforms and as a result, no need for drilling holes for installation. This is probably why most people also prefer these temporary fences for use in areas that have concrete and asphalt surfaces or have pavements already. They are also preferred in areas where the issue of physical changes to the environment is not welcome.
Another attribute that makes chain link panels popular in construction sites and at events is that they are made of durable material and therefore durable as well as strong. The temporary fencing in Melbourne we provide for construction sites is made of a heavy duty frame that also has a horizontal and vertical cross to guarantee to our clients of the best quality.
Chain link fences
The main difference between the chain link fence and chain link panels is their mode of installation as well as the material they are made of. Unlike the chain link panel, the chain link fence is simply a roll of wire which is usually attached to poles dug into the ground for support. And while it takes longer to install than chain link panels, they offer more protection to construction sites.
Chain link fences work for any construction site, whether residential, commercial or industrial. They are preferred by property owners due to their availability, durability and affordability. In addition, their ability to be customized according to a client’s request also makes them a favorite among many. Even better is that a windscreen can be added to the fence to minimize visibility into a construction, property, thus reducing crime on construction sites. Several research studies have shown that vandalism tends to reduce when visibility decreases as well. Keeping your working materials out of sight by using a windscreen attached to a temporary chain link fence can help keep them safe.
Considerations for choosing temporary fences
Any temporary fence used on a construction site should be able to protect the property against access by unauthorized persons. This serves to ensure that the construction site is safe from vandals, thieves and damage. In addition, a temporary fence protects outside parties. Should one get injured in the property during unofficial hours, lawsuits can be filed thus landing the property owner in a legal battle. Using a fence around the site ensures that people don’t get injured by working equipment and materials or worse get hurt by falling boards and beams.
When choosing temporary fencing, take into consideration the type of work being done as well as the legal implications involving temporary fences and construction sites. It is important to note that different types of fence can be used for on the property to serve different purposes. If you are not sure about what is best for your property, you can always speak with one of our customer service agents as they will help you figure out what is best for your site.