What Does An Ideal Temporary Fence For your Pool Look Like?

Having a pool is awesome as you can maintain your physical fitness status with it. Swimming regularly can definitely help improve one’s muscles as well as cause him to lose some weight. Also, pools can improve the general exterior of the property. A beautiful pool can definitely be a homeowner’s pride. Pools are great to have, but it should be noted that they pose a danger to every member of the household. What is that danger? – drowning. Accidental drowning usually happens to kids. That is why having a pool and some kids at the same time might sound like a bad idea. But having a pool and some growing kids at once can always be remedied with the help of a temporary fence.

Do you own a swimming pool? Not only should you be proud of its function and beauty. The safety of your pool area should also be something that you can be proud of. What is the use of a great swimming pool if it exists as a hazard to the kids? If you have a pool, getting a temporary fence is ideal. Here are some of the things that you can look for in a temporary fence.

It must surround the entire pool

The temporary fencing should be able to surround the entire swimming pool. There should not be any gap that would be large enough to allow children to wander into the pool. A lot of people usually use other pool safety equipment along with their temporary fences. There are gate alarms that can be installed on the fences. These alarms go off every time a child, any person, or anything wanders into the pool area. Others even go the extra mile by installing underwater alarms or surface wave alarms.

It must be self-closing

The temporary fences must be self-closing or self-latching. There are a lot of temporary fences in the market that do not lock on their own. They are great at preventing danger but only as long as the gates are locked. If somebody accidentally leaves them open, any child can wander into the pool area and eventually be screaming for help in the pool. There are numerous causes for drowning accidents. The absence of a pool fence is the top one and an unclosed gate just comes in second. Self-closing gates might be a little more expensive to buy or rent than average gates, but they are worth the extra dollars.

It must be not be scalable

What is the standard height for a temporary pool fence? Jurisdictions all over the world vary as to how tall the temporary fences should be. In Australia, most jurisdictions require fences to be at least 1.2 meters high. For the boundary fence, there is the height requirement of 1.8 meters. Design-wise, the fence must not have any part on which kids can step on so that they can go over it. Also, it should be noted that a non-scalable zone must be followed. This means that the area surrounding the temporary pool fence must not be near any tree or furniture that children can climb on. Kids might use these to easily climb over the fence.

It must be durable

Just because temporary fences are temporary does not mean they have to be made with sub-standard materials. Temporary fences should last for days, months, or weeks without acquiring rust and all sorts of damage. Temporary fences should last until such time that permanent fencing is ready for installation. It would be great if the temporary fences are made of galvanised materials– something that holds true for most top-quality fences in the market. It would also be great if the fencing features concrete filled bases for maximum steadfastness durability.

It should look good

Discussing all the important safety features of a temporary pool fence, a pool fence should look at least aesthetically pleasing. Ugly temporary fences are rare. However, homeowners should really take time in making sure that they get the temporary fences which will compliment their pool area. What good is it in having a beautifully-designed pool if it would only be ruined by an unsightly fence? Temporary fences in the market come in various designs. After consider all the safety features of a certain temporary pool fence, the pool owner should at least make sure it is good-looking especially if the fence would be used for a very long time.