What additional supplies should you get for your Portable Toilets?

If you have just started on an events company that requires the use of portable toilets, then you should start reading up on the accessories that you need to support your portable toilet rental. Portable toilets don’t just come on their own, you need other tools and supplies to go with your portable toilet so that the users benefit and feel comfortable with using them. If you are planning to rent one, you may get overwhelmed with the number and variety of toilet supplies and accessories that you can get to support your portable toilet rental. Supplementary supplies extend their use from just providing comfort to the users of the portable toilet as they can also be used to keep the portable toilets clean and free from odours and insects. This means you get to improve the customer and user satisfaction overall. It can contribute to the success of your event as well. In this article we will take you through some of the most important supplies you should keep in mind when you have your own portable toilet for rent.
Cleaning products and tools

Portable toilets are not made up of the usual materials that would make up a normal bathroom. Portable toilets are made in such a way that they keep themselves clean to a certain extent as they are designed for mass public use anyway, and cleaning it often would not be possible or feasible. However, you should still hire cleaners to have a regular schedule to get the portable toilets cleaned in between the span of the event. Having a dirty toilet floor or dirty toilet seat can make the users very annoyed and upset, especially when they are in need to use the toilet urgently.

What it takes to keep such portable public toilets clean is just regular cleaning with the right cleaning materials, and such a cleaning process would not take long. It would barely take a few minutes for the cleaner to complete, as long as they have the necessary and adequate amounts and variety of different cleaning products available in the portable toilet.

Toilet paper

Toilet paper is very important for all kinds of toilet users, be it adults or children. Having the toilet paper dispenser empty is one of the most frustrating things in the world. Make sure your cleaners and maintainers keep their eyes on the toilet paper dispenser in all your portable toilet units so that they can refill them from time to time to keep your customers happy.

The type of toilet paper you provide also matters in your portable public toilet units. Try not to choose very cheap supplies to cut cost. Having substandard toilet paper around in places like public toilet units would cause your users to feel more unhygienic as substandard toilet papers tend to roll into balls and leave your users being uncomfortable, especially in the already stringent space in the portable toilets. Using good quality toilet paper of good ply layer material can help your users feel cleaner and they would also appreciate the standard of your portable toilets no matter how compact they may be.

Hand soap and sanitizers

Like any other toilet, after using the toilet, your users would want to clean themselves up. A part of this is to get their hands washed. To wash their hands, you can either provide them with soap and water with adequate paper towels to dry themselves up. You can also provide them with alcohol sanitizers for them to use. However, not many people prefer using such alcohol hand washes which vaporize on their own.

If you are looking to making your supplies last longer, you could perhaps provide both as an option for your customers to have their pick on which one they would like to use.

Scent boosters

Scent boosters help you sustain a fresh smell in your portable toilets. Since many people would be using the portable toilet one after another, it is not just important to keep the odour and other nasty smells away. You also need to make sure the portable toilet smells good so that people do not hesitate to go into the units to use them. Having a fresh smell in your portable toilets also gives the feeling to your users that your portable toilet is kept clean and hygienic.

Scent boosters are also useful during events which have a high flow of crowd because they can keep the nasty smells and odours from popping up easily. Strong scents and fresheners help you overwhelm any smell that might arise from the constant usage of the portable toilet units.

At the same time, deodorizers are also important to have around. They form the basic need in your portable toilets to mask any odour or nasty smell. Scent boosters add as an adjunctive to deodorizers, so having both around is a necessity.