The different varieties you can get for Temporary Dog Fencing

Sometimes you move into a new house and you are faced with the need to urgently put up a fence in order to protect your dogs. The problem is, you may not even know what kind of fence you want to put up eventually and may need time to decide. On the other hand, you cannot afford to take too much time to decide as every day you delay the decision, puts your dog at risk.
A good solution to this conundrum is to put up a temporary fence. A temporary fence gives you room to breathe and the best part is that if you are in a rental home, you can easily move with it to your next house. Below are some types of temporary fencing in Melbourne you can use for your dogs.
1. Picket fencing

If you have young dogs or even much older but calm dogs, you can effectively use wood picket fences. They are however, a terrible idea for young, powerful, and energetic dogs as they can easily push it down and go off the reservation. The fence has prefabricated parts that you can install very easily by simply installing some mainstay posts. The process takes a very short time and is therefore convenient. Alternatively, you can use some freestanding fencing that has heavy bases for support. You just have to join them using brackets or hammering nails through each intersecting part of the sections.

2. Virtual fencing

Sometimes to avoid spending too much money unnecessarily in rental quarters, most pet owners prefer to use virtual fencing. The virtual fence works by creating a certain radius of distance around a given base station usually set up in the home using radio waves. The dog is then fitted with a collar that has a transmitter tuned to the same wavelength as the home base station and when she moves outside the set radius, the collar sends her some corrective action. This is usually either some sort of sound the dog can respond to or a small dose of electric shock. The fences can be set to be permanent or temporary depending on your preference and the function you want them to serve. They however have one drawback in that they are not entirely reliable as metal roofs and other signals sometimes interfere with the radio waves.

3. Plastic fence
ightweight, and very easy to install when needed. They are the perfect temporary fencing solution. Plastic fences are easily available at most local hardware stores and are not very costly either. To install them, all you need to do is find an upright structure in the area you want them to be installed and then use ropes to attach them to the structure. You can find them in either pressure treated wooden lattice or vinyl lattice in white.
In order to ensure you and your dog or dogs’ privacy, they come in different sizes of apertures. In case you need a more permanent fence, you can also cut them to any size you want using a handsaw and then install them by fastening them to the wall of any strong building or whatever structure you want them near or you can add fence posts and attach the fences to them.
4. Mesh fencing
At times, you will need to keep your dog or dogs out of the pull. The only way to do this is to keep them from jumping in by building a fence around it. You also have to make sure that the fence you settle on can be removed when you want to use the pool area. The best solution for this is to use a mesh fence. You will have to get fence posts that can easily fit into small holes in the ground around the pool within the perimeter you need to restrict your dogs.
These posts will support the fencing sections. On the poles, a black polyester mesh will be attached and due to its fine design, it will stop the dogs from climbing over the fence and into the pool or the restricted area. The mesh is tough enough to stand a dog’s weight should they lean on it and it is also transparent. Mesh fencing is easy to install and to remove if you ever want to move with it to another location.
5. Event fencing
If you have a very large and strong dog and cannot seem to control him with the other types of fencing, the best solution would be to get an event or crowd control type of fencing. They are strong and need no support to stay upright. They also cannot be easily pushed over. The drawback is that they are not easy to acquire and can be an expensive temporary solution. If you must use them, you can find a company that offers crowd control barrier hire services and hire one for a short period of time as you plan your next move.