Temporary Fencing Sales: Why Service and Customer Satisfaction is So Important

How do the most popular suppliers of temporary fencing in Australia do to make themselves so successful? On one hand, it could be that they have the most extensive range of temporary fencing products to suit as many potential users as possible. The advantage of having a wide range of products is that this supplier can satisfy the greatest range of requirements. The downside is that this wide range of temporary fences carries an inventory that is stock sitting in the warehouse that is cash tied up in products.

The best Australian temporary fence suppliers only stock the best-selling and fastest moving product lines as these are the ones that their customers want. They are not saddled with the need to flog off substandard or inappropriate fences that do not match their clients’ needs and therefore they can satisfy these clients time and again.

Being a great fencing supplier is not just about having a complete catalogue full of the most popular brands, but it is also about customer service 360®. Pre sales and post sales service needs to be professional, well informed and given in a timely manner. When you are looking to find temporary fencing you need to find the right solution fast and also within the budget that you have available. The skill of the temporary fencing supplier is to understand what you need quickly and efficiently and get you a quote for what the different options would cost.

In this way when you have informed the supplier of the budget you have available, or if you need to know how much money you need to find as you have not defined a budget, you can be quickly informed of what you will need to spend for the different options available.

What to look out for in the fencing products

First and foremost a wide range of temporary fencing products is a key requirement. In addition you may be looking for other products including temporary power poles and cabling solutions. If you are looking for a one stop shop for your various needs a supplier who can offer you this facility will be attractive. Secondly a range of temporary fencing products that can suit all budgets however large or small is really helpful.

Having talked to the sales assistant you may decide to trade up to the next level if you are given good informative advice about why to do so. Just as important for you is information about whether the temporary fencing is available for immediate delivery, the best suppliers are able to give their sales assistants this information on line and available in real time. It may seem simple and not rocket science but many customers have been disappointed because when they came to the end of the complete sales process they were told that the fencing they selected is currently out of stock.

What are the services that you should insist on receiving?

First of all you should expect a polite and friendly service right from the moment someone picks up the phone to respond to your call or answer your initial email. Right from the start you need to have access to someone who can understand your needs and get a proposal ready for you as soon as possible. The fencing services company should be ready to respond to your needs rapidly, as they have to respond to customers who may need fencing to be supplied within a few hours to deal with an emergency. Here every minute that passes can cost the customer money or damages their business.

When you have agreed on the fencing that you need, thanks to informed information from the sales assistant you need to be able to track your order from the moment that it is placed. You need to be able to have all the information about what is happening and when the fencing and its installers, if you have contracted in for this service, will arrive.

The customer services department of the temporary fencing supplier need to ensure that you have checked and ticked:

• Your order has been double checked and confirmed by you

• Payment options have been explained and you have chosen the best one for you

• Confirmation that your payment has gone through with success

• Delivery details have been double checked and your contact person’s details are clear to the supplier, so that if there are any complications about the delivery can be resolved in real time efficiently and rapidly

• Clear details are given about the collection points, if the client prefers to come in and pick up their temporary fencing it should be easy and possible to do so without hassle and fuss.

• The fencing supplier can deliver 24/7. This is really important if you are holding an event, for example, a music concert at the weekend and you need temporary fencing, can the supplier deliver and install on a Sunday morning at 2:00am? This could be critical for you so don’t forget to ask.