Stampedes In Mass Gatherings And The Use Of Crowd Control Barriers For Prevention

Mass gatherings such as parties and concerts are great and memorable events. But they can turn sour if the attendees ever get involved in a stampede. Stampedes have caused so many a deaths throughout history. Now how can a peaceful group of people turn into a mob? How can people who got together for recreational activities turn into people who are hurting each other and struggling for their lives? There are so many factors involved.


Force can be unharnessed when it comes to mass gatherings. When people get together and they stick too close to each other, so many of them would start to feel crowded. It can be quite hard to breathe properly if one is surrounded by a lot of people. And when people start to feel that they have to get more air, they start to push others and struggle. Tension starts to escalate and eventually, all people would not be able to control where they move. All they can do is but keep their balance. Pushing each other and leaning against each creates a domino effect in crowd. Force can really be deadly and that is why it has to be confined with a good crowd control program.


Information can also be a cause of stampede. It comes in so many forms. Sometimes, information given to a group of people can spark unrest and rapid group movement. For example, in an event where people are trying to get tickets for a concert, information like one that says ‘tickets are about to be sold out’ can surely cause people to push each other in hopes of getting what they lined up for. Limited ticket availability is one of the top causes of crowd unrest among music festivals and concerts.

Information about natural disasters can also cause widespread panic. After all, people would be struggling for their lives. For example, if there is a fire in a certain building, everybody would be struggling to get out as soon as possible. The same is true with earthquakes and other related natural disasters. Because information on natural disasters can cause people to storm en masse, proper exit plans have to be propagated in areas where large events are being held.

Also, it should be noted that even false information can instigate stampedes. For example, somebody giving a bomb threat can really cause people to panic and they would start to push each other as a natural reaction. Speaking of bomb threats, these should not be taken very lightly. A simple joke can really cause a lot of lives. People can do the strangest things as a result of fear.


Space can also be a factor for a stampede. These include the areas where a massing of people is expected to occur. In big events such as rallies, concerts, and festivals, there should be adequate space for the expected number of participants. Not only should there be enough space for the main holding area. Consideration must also be conducted for minor areas or working spaces such as corridors, stairs, ramps, doors, elevators, or escalators. Also, there should be adequate barricades or crowd fences in order to keep people contained to where they are suppose to be.

How to avoid stampedes

Proper crowd control and management is a must in order to prevent fatal or injury-causing stampedes. This holds true for both large-scale and small-scale events. The following are some quick tips on how to avoid stampedes:

• There must be adequate security – It is important that enough security personnel are deployed in events. They should be trained well in handling various scenarios that can lead to stampedes. Security personnel must know how to guide people to the areas where they should be and also how to act appropriately in various circumstances.

• Routes have to be defined – It is also important for routes to be well-defined. Attendees must know where they should be hanging out or which passageways they should be using. They must also know which areas are off-limits. This is where crowd barriers come in very useful. Crowd barriers not only help with crowd management but it can also ensure good traffic flow.

• There must be multiple entrances and exits – Also, there should be multiple entrances and exists. This is so that people can get in and out of the event venue easily. Oftentimes, numerous people want to get it and get out at the same time. Once that happens, stampedes usually start.

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