Making Your Crowd Barrier Fences Work

Crowd barrier fences are what keeps people controlled and contained especially in mass gatherings. Crowd barrier fences are very useful in various events like musical concerts, school rallies, and fund-raising events. After all, people have the tendency to get rowdy and uncontrollable in these events. Now what makes a good crowd barrier fence? Whenever hiring some fences for your event, here are some qualities that you might want to look for:

• Hard to climb over – One of the most important qualities that crowd barriers should have is that they should be hard to climb over. What is the use of a barrier that people can easily climb over? Good crowd barriers are the ones that have vertical metal bars instead of horizontal bars. Horizontal bars or even diagonal can be used as ladders.

• Hard to knock down – Crowd barriers should also be hard to knock down. They should have sturdy bases. Once the crowd gets unruly and they start to push each other, the crowd barriers should be steadfast at their places. They should not be easily pushed out of their place and cause the people to spread out across the venue like milk spilled on the floor. Crowd barriers are most effective when they can be interlocked or attached to each other. Such a feature would make them impenetrable.

• Aesthetically pleasing – A minor but important quality that crowd barriers should have is that they should be aesthetically pleasing. Crowd barriers should not be unsightly. They should not be eye-sores that have been set up throughout the event venue. Neither should they be too fancy that they are already drawing too much attention to themselves.

• Easy to transport – Crowd barriers should also be easy to transport. After all, these things usually have to be transported across the venue as needed. They should be made of lightweight frames that make them easy to carry. Not only that, their design should also make them easy to stack and store in one area. New, lightweight, and durable crowd barriers are to be preferred than the heavy ones.

How to make the crowd barriers work

Setting up crowd barriers seems easy. But there are a number of ways on how to ensure that crowd barriers are efficiently set up. After all, they are more than just displays.

• Anticipation is essential – Proper crowd barrier set up includes installing it at the right place. It would be a lot easier to know where the barriers are to be installed by referring to a crowd control plan. Organizers must know when people will be at what certain time. Where will a huge density of crowd be expected the most? When will traffic be at a high level in certain areas at the venue? These are just some sample guide questions to know where to install the barriers.

• All hands on deck –
 It is important to make sure that the barriers do not just stand on their own. Sometimes, even if people know they are not supposed to, they go over these barriers or even push these out of their place. That is why it is important for security personnel to be assigned in supervising the barriers. Security personnel must ensure that the barriers are in their right places. They can also be responsible in determining if any people go over these barriers.

• Know that they work both ways – Crowd barriers are obviously physical in that they physically prevent people from going past restricted areas. But they can be psychological barriers as well. They can be used to demarcate areas that can never be accessed and they can even be used to indicate the space for queues. Lines to the bathroom, ticket booth, or the entrance can really get rowdy. Crowd barriers act as both physical and psychological barriers and they have to be used as such.

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