Is Fencing Mandatory Around A New House Contrusction Site?

According to the Australian legislation, builders are legally responsible for allowing members of the public be exposed to risks arising from the construction of a new house. Therefore, they must prevent unauthorized entry on the premises of the construction site by installing a temporary fence. In spite of the fact that anyone entering the site is trespassing, it is the constructor’s duty to ensure the persons are not exposed to uncontrolled hazards that could result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Construction site fencing requirements

The primary reason why temporary fencing is mandated by law in these circumstances is that the numerous warning signs, which are typically found at construction sites, do not deter the unauthorized visitors, children in particular. In addition, children and some adults might not even be aware of the inherent dangers pertaining to a residential construction site and hence; they are virtually clueless regarding the risks they are exposed to. Because not all hazards can be eliminated via safe practices, a temporary fence is considered the best solution to restricting unauthorized entries.

The law dictates that the temporary fence should be installed when the construction site is located in the proximity of a school or near a route travelled by children in general. At the same time, the fencing is highly recommended for sites close to parks or other recreational areas. Constructors need to make sure that the fence they’re about to install around new house construction sites has the following characteristics:

• The fence must have a suitable height, usually 1.8 metres

• It must be made of dedicated materials

• Its shape should make it difficult, if not impossible to climb

• The fence should be installed in a way that makes it impossible to gain access by tunnelling underneath

• It should be constructed from sturdy materials that make it stable and allow it to withstand anticipated loads

• The fence’s gates and joints should be secure

Reasons to hire a temporary fence around a new home construction site

Now that you understand why fencing is necessary, you are probably wondering whether you should purchase or rent it. The answer is that it depends on the type of construction and the nature of the project. In general, installing temporary rental fencing is a smart idea due to the following reasons:

• Cost-effectiveness

While purchasing a fence for your site might seem like the right thing to do, the truth is that unless you’re in the construction industry, it will ultimately cost you more cash. Since you’re probably working on a tight budget, hiring a fencing for this purpose is the smarter choice. Not only will you benefit from a hassle-free delivery, but you could also have the fence professionally setup, if you’re working with the right company. Lastly, you will save a lot of time by having the temporary fence service pick up, handle, deliver and install the system.

• Simplicity

Despite the popular believe, renting a fence for your new home construction is a matter of simply making a phone call. Therefore, after you’ve narrowed down the research to a few companies in your area, contact them and ask for an estimate. Reputable services will always provide you with accurate quotes based on the type of fencing, dimensions and the timeframe during which you intend to use the fence.

• Flexibility

A further reason why it is wise to work with a reputable company is that these services don’t require long-term commitments or complicated contracts with hidden clauses. Professionals understand the nature of your task and hence, they will be able to deliver the same quality services for projects that only last a few days and constructions estimated to be completed in one year. Moreover, in case your project entails working in different locations, then you can be certain to have the fence delivered and installed at the new site immediately.

• Safety

By working with a trustworthy company, you will gain the added benefit of having the fence delivered to your location and professionally installed. This way, not only can you be certain that you are securing the premises with the right type of fence, but you have nothing to worry about in regards to abiding to local regulations, ordinances or state laws. The direct benefit is peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected and you won’t be facing liability lawsuits in case the unpredictable happens.

• A smart business practice

Surrounding the premises of a new home construction site with adequate fencing can also help you manage the overall project better. In addition to controlling the handling of materials, equipment and tools, you can also eliminate issues associated with construction crew members having direct access to expensive pieces of machinery or supplies needed for the project.