Why Not Plan Your Own Tree Planting Day?

May 22nd, 2017 by arrowadmin

Whilst Arbor Day is a scheduled tree-planting activity in Australia, it does not mean that you cannot plant a tree at any day of the year. Come to think of it, you can always start your act now to make the world a better place to live in. Plus, this activity can be done in many places all over Australia and can involve everyone from students to locals within a neighbourhood. If you are planning to conduct one, though, it will be best to include the following things to make the endeavour successful.


Trees can be planted from different seedlings of various species. You can plant trees of the same kind or choose to plant those trees that will easily grow. It is important to know which varieties can last long and learn where to get them from. Note how many seedlings each person invited to the activity will plant. You might be targeting a specific number for the area where you are planning to have those seedlings planted.


Tree planting can actually be conducted within a neighbourhood. When this is the case, you can check if each homeowner is willing to plant a tree in their backyards. Some of you may also have a specific area which you are willing to share with everyone for the tree-planting activity. No matter which type of space you are using for the event, it will be good to note how much space should be allotted for every seedling. Remember that some trees grow bigger than others. There should be enough breathing space in between each tree so that they can grow well to serve their purpose in the future.

People involved

Do you expect a lot of people to say yes to your call for saving the environment? If it is a school-related tree-planting activity then every student and member of the faculty should be involved. If it is a voluntary activity, you may want to send invitations first before you finally have your head count. You may also need to form committees depending on the number of people who will come. Someone can be in-charge of the space and another for the distribution of seedlings.


A tree-planting activity can be very well facilitated if someone is there to offer monetary help. The money can be used to purchase seedlings for the activity and in maintaining the trees once the activity is over. In school, students can water the seedlings up until they grow but in the community, you might as well assign someone to oversee the project once it is finished. You are lucky enough if you can look for a volunteer who will not need any monetary compensation. Sponsors can help you defray of any incidental expenses.

Temporary fencing


Seedlings should be protected not just from insects and other pests but also from possibilities of getting damaged. In view of these incidents, it is important to give it the type of fencing that will keep it isolated from any form of destruction whether accidental or not. This is why you will need temporary fencing for them.

Temporary fencing can keep seedlings safe up until such time that the trees are strong enough to resist damage. It can also be a good protection from any form of human tampering – from children possibly playing around it to any person who simply wants to destroy it. No one will ever dare go past a fence once they see it.

Make your tree-planting activity worth it by simply including the above-mentioned things in your plan. Do not forget about the importance of protecting your trees. We can always help you if you need temporary fencing in Melbourne.

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