The Tools For Your Farm Fencing Project

July 25th, 2017 by arrowadmin

There are basic supplies that should be on your list when you are working on a farm fencing project. These tools are the backbone of a successful fence installation project. The supplies and tools that you require entirely rely on your fence design. There are fencing projects that require a tractor among other large machinery. Other types of fences will simply require the right hand tools as you are about to see. Here is a list of hand tools that really come in handy for farm fencing projects.


Do you have a tractor? Well, you can opt to rent or buy a special shovel for digging post holes and erecting fencing posts. Owning a tractor and acquiring an effective shovel saves you time particularly when fencing a larger area. If your fencing does not cover a larger area, you may opt for a special hand shovel. It is effective for small projects that only take several days. Please note that with an ordinary shovel, you will be able to get the project kicking. However, special shovels help you carry out specific tasks.

Wire cutters


Wire cutters are the best investment if you really want to install a good fence. There are different types of fencing wires and as such, it is important to know the qualities of a good wire cutter. You will definitely want wire cutters with sharper edges that allow you to easily cut through different wire types. It is always good to have several wire cutters. That way, if you are working with extra hands, it will be easier to complete the task without worrying about the number of wire cutters available for use.

The tensioner and crimping tool

The role of a tensioner is to give you a tight and reliable fence. Everyone has their preferences and needs when it comes to fencing. When choosing fence tensioner, you should pick your option based on your fencing needs. Essentially, a tensioner should firmly attach to the wires so that increase in pressure results to a similar increase on the fence tension. With the right fence tensioner, you can be sure of a good fence if you do your work properly. In addition, you will require the crimping tool in case you need to do minor repairs or simply splice the fence wire with the swage sleeves.

Tamping tool

This is an intricately shaped bar that really comes in handy when you want to break hard soil. It is chisel-pointed at one end and flat on the other end. The flat end helps you to perfectly ram down the soil around the post area. It is important to ram the soil to ensure that any act of fence tensioning does not make it lose its grip. Otherwise, your effort to put up a good fence will be in vein.

Post pounder

You are also going to require a good post pounder. The post pounder is used on T-bar posts to ensure they are firmly banged into the ground. You should ensure that the holes for the T-bar posts are well prepared. The tamping tool is the solution for this task.

It is important to ensure that you have all these fencing supplies and others before working on your farm fencing project.  Luckily, you can get all kinds of fence supplies and services from companies that offer fencing services. You can also get amazing services such as builder’s fence hire in Melbourne when constructing farm shade, horse stable and other farm structures. These types of fences also come in handy when you are hosting a sales event for your agricultural products as they guarantee you good security.

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