Crowd Control Barrier Hire Melbourne

  • Below are described products fencing, crowd control barrier hire and builders power available for hire.

Standard Temporary Fencing

Temporary Pool Fencing Melbourne

  • All of our temporary fencing is in very good condition, with galvanised ‘anti climb’ weldmesh panels, bright orange concrete filled bases and nut/bolt clamps/connectors.
  • Being in near new condition, our temporary fencing will provide a professional, tidy and safe appearance to your work site.
  • Temporary Fencing is suitable for use on new house building sites, civil construction sites, commercial building sites, tree protection zones, compounds, special events, or any other site that requires a secure fence (non permanent).
  • We Comply with the new AS: 4687:2007 and Worksafe Guidelines

Fencing Panels

  • Fencing panels are 2.4m wide x 2.0m high, with 32mm OD pipes, with rigid 3.15mm weldmesh infill.
  • The panels are clamped together with nut bolt connector to give additional security.

portable toilet hire Melbourne

Temporary Pool Fencing Melbourne


  • The bases are high visibility orange plastic molded with reinforced concrete infill.
  • This reduces the chance of tripping by the public or staff due to the high visibility colour.
  • Can be lifted by indented handles.

Other Featurespedestrian

  • Bracing struts can be used in high wind zones or if shadecloth or banner advertising is attached.
  • Pedestrian Gates can be installed in the line of temporary fencing
  • Site Safety Signs are required near the front entry gate of building sites to comply with OH+S regulations. These state important contact numbers and general site safety rules on the building site.


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Portable Toilet Hire

Arrow Hire can supply chemical portable toilets for your building site or event/party.

We can deliver next day to all Melbourne suburbs

Toilet Specifications:

All toilets are in new plastic molded walls (– no old style steel cladding!)

We have thew largest Waste Tank available being 390 litres or 800 flushes. This saves you money as they do not require servicing every 1-2 weeks like smaller waste tank toilets.

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  • All power poles include x2 40 amp GPO (electrical sockets)
  • Arrow Hire deliver, install and arrange the initial safety inspection and connection of the power pole.

Please note: Please allow max 28 days for the electricity to be connected to the power pole (BTS) after an order has been placed. This is due to the safety inspection and authority connection process.



Builders rubbish cages are required by most Melbourne Councils during a new residential house build. (Check your permit) We provide 1.5m x 1.5m with twin closing lids.

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Timber Crossing Protection help protect the concrete footpath from being damaged during construction. If any damage is incurred to the Council footpath the owner will need to repair it to new condition at their own cost.

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Temporary Pool Fencing

On 1 May 2010, New Victorian regulations insist all pools and spas require fencing/barriers to restrict children’s access to the pool/spa area.

A swimming pool is any excavation or structure capable of containing a depth of water greater than 300mm and used principally for swimming, wading, paddling or the like.

Arrow Hire can supply and install temporary pool fencing that complies with Victorian regulations. This fencing is generally required from the time the pool is filled until permanent pool fencing has been constructed by our experts.

We can also hire self closing, self locking gates (child proof)

Temporary Pool Fencing Melbourne    Temporary Pool Fencing Melbourne    pool4 pool3

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Crowd Control Barriers

Arrow Hire can supply and install crowd control barriers for your next event or party, sporting event, function or concert.

builders fence hire Melbourne    builders fence hire Melbourne    crowd3

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High-Quality Fencing, Crowd Control Barrier Hire and Builders Power in Melbourne

Here you will find a big list of our product range and service solutions. Over the years, we have earned our reputation for providing the best products at the most reasonable prices. Slowly and steadily, we have built a large catalog of products and services that are convenient for both individuals and businesses alike. You will find temporary solutions for your event or construction operation needs. These temporary items are perfect for short-term use scenarios as they help you save you money, keep you mobile and allow you to meet the demands without having to worry about keeping and managing stocks.

We give you a complete sense of peace when it comes to quality and durability of our products. These products go through strict quality control and checks to ensure they do not cramp your operations in any single way. These products comply with many international workers and workplace safety standard which makes it easy to comply with regulations and requirements without spending too much on permanent fixtures. These options can be customized to suit your needs and requirements. If you have any doubts, then contact us to get some expert guidance on how to make the right choice.