Having A Sale? Here Are Some Top Crowd Control Tips!

May 22nd, 2017 by arrowadmin

People love hearing the word ‘sale’. It implies savings on their part. Definitely, they will look forward to that day when they can save money for items they have eyed purchasing in the past. With many persons interested with a sale, expect that everybody will come rushing to your store’s doors even if it means having to fall in line or battling it head to head with other shoppers. Since a sale will call in a crowd of people, you will need to make some preparations to deal with them. Here are some tips to help you with.

Analyse foot traffic

You can do this either virtually or personally. You have to anticipate the number of people that will fall in line for this much-anticipated event. You can always pattern the traffic from your past experience. Remember that tracking the foot traffic will help you know if you need to open additional counters and making necessary queue adjustments whenever necessary. This will also help you communicate possibilities of delay in serving other consumers so that they will be able to anticipate any longer waiting time. That way, you can help them feel calm in an overcrowded situation.

A virtual queue should form part of your consideration

The traditional distribution of numbers with your staff or assistants shouting the number of the next person to be served can be very tiring – not just on the part of the assistant but on the part of consumers as well. Make your clients happy by having a virtual queue which will facilitate the lines quickly. You can use this queuing system to advise your clients when it is their time to be served. This can help disperse the crowd and keep everything in order.

Customers must know where to go for their needs

In this case, you should fill your shop with readable signs that can help customers know where they should go to for their needs. The last thing you want is for customers to complain about how disorganised the activity is. You can assign a person or two (and a counter for customer service) to answer any questions from customers. You may also publish instructions online or through local newspapers in conjunction with the sale at least a month before it happens. You do not want your customers ending up confused after all on the day of the sale.

Be pleasant at all times

Conducting a sale can be very tiring but remember that customers will never want seeing a customer service representative who is frowning and making faces. Always wear a smile on your faces when answering to their needs. This will keep you away from complaints that can just lengthen queue time. You can place digital signage in your store to keep the crowd feeling happy with their choice of going to your store.

Use fixtures to facilitate crowd control


It will be very hard for customers to move when all of them are crowded in one place. This can create confusion and frenzy for you as well. Customers do not want being in a crowd of people who are supposed to do another thing with what they want to do. Prevent this from happening by investing in structures that will facilitate the traffic flow in your store.

In this case, you will need crowd control barriers placed on the store at least a day before the event. The barriers can classify clients’ needs accordingly and will prevent them from feeling so stressed during the activity. The barriers can be placed from the doors to the counters depending on your foot traffic plan. The good news is you do not have to buy these barriers. Crowd control barrier hire in Melbourne will make everything hassle-free and on budget for you.

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