Extra Costs That Come With Home Construction In Australia

May 22nd, 2017 by arrowadmin

Home construction in Australia or elsewhere, obviously, comes with cost. The cost includes materials and labour. How you wish that these are the only things you need to pay for when constructing your home but remember that there are also other fees incidental to the process. It is crucial to include the following things in your budget since they are essential in carrying out the entire task.

Fees for soil and contour tests

The soil and contour test is very important in building a home. Builders will need to test the soil to see if there will be no problems especially when building the foundation. If your soil is rocky then there are more costs to incur. The contour test, on the other hand, is essential to know the slope of the property so that builders can make necessary adjustments later on. For these two tests you need to prepare an extra $1,400 to $2,000.

Site costs

Another cost, in fact the biggest amongst extra fees to include in your budget, is the site cost. These are costs incidental with the soil and contour tests. Remember that the said tests will dictate the adjustments your builders will need to take depending on the results. It can include anywhere from tree cutting to rock removals from the place. This can cost you as much as $70,000 additional cost. Some other site costs can only cost $10,000 though.

Fees to comply with NSW BASIX

The NSW has implemented what it calls the BASIX when building a home in Australia. This concept has been formed to make sure that the home is sustainable in order to categorise it as environment-friendly. Depending on the quality of the land with which you are building your homes on, complying with BASIX will cost you anywhere from $8,000 up.

Landscaping, flooring and driveways

Your builder will usually give you a rundown of the costs that come with home construction. Take note, however, that some other essentials to the process may not be included in the list and yes, flooring is one of them. Landscaping and driveways are also often omitted with the plan. When this is the case, you will need to expect additional cost for these construction essentials.

Land registration costs

These costs can be incurred if the land is new and has not yet been registered. Incidental to this, you will incur costs for sewerage, electricity and plumbing. The costs will usually rely on the block of land you are planning to purchase. You can then talk about this with your real estate agent or your chosen construction company.

Mortgage insurance

If you are loaning the amount for the construction of your home, it will follow that you may be required to pay mortgage insurance on the property. Some banks will require upfront payment whilst others will include this in the computation of your monthly repayments. You will need to ask the lender about their mortgage insurance policies so you can prepare for extra fees incidental to this.

Temporary power


The entire home construction will definitely require the use of electricity. You are lucky enough if someone within the neighbourhood will allow tapping your power to their electric posts. Remember though that this is not always the case. It will also be wise to have your own temporary power so that your builder can easily use any power tool to facilitate the construction. Builders’ power pole hire will be cheaper if you look for a direct provider for this so make sure that you have sourced on the market and have done your research.

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